Talking with the Late “Pat” Patterson: Selections from Two Interviews


Patterson, C.H., Jackson, Morrison L., and Nassar-McMillan, Sarah


During his lifetime C. H. Patterson contributed significantly to the growth and enhancement of the person-centered, rehabilitation, and generic counseling, psychology and education movements in the United States and abroad. His work spans several decades. We consider C. H. Patterson to be one of the true disciples of Carl Rogers who made it his mission in life to promote the wonders and effectiveness of the person-centered approach. We were honored and humbled at the opportunity to have interviewed one of the great minds and contributors to theperson-centered counseling movement. This article merges separate interviews of C. H. Patterson conducted in 1999 by Dr. Morris L. Jackson and Dr. Sylvia Nassar- McMillan. For a complete reading of the individual interviews of C. H. Patterson, consult Eric Document Reproduction Service No. ED 435 879 and Counseling Today, July 1999, Volume 42, No. 1.