Respecting the dignity of each learner in teaching culturally-relevant pedagogy — A person-centered learning approach


Zhu, Gang


This research aims to teach culturally-relevant pedagogy to the preservice teachers by respecting the dignity of each learner. By comparing and contrasting the data collected from (Person-centered Learning Assessment) PCLA I and PCLA II (Freiberg, 2009), the researcher analyzed two lessons centered on culturally-relevant pedagogy. The research finds that person-centered learning approach can effectively transform the students from “tourists” into “citizens” inthe classroom, whereby their dignity and freedom to learn are respected. Additionally, the researcher can work as a resource person by engaging the students in stimulating learning environments. Last, the preservice teachers in the research were encouraged to locate their challenges and opportunities over the course of learning the concept of culturally-relevant pedagogy. Thus, the preservice teachers demonstrated active involvements in the various learning activities.

Keywords: culturally-relevant pedagogy, person-centered learning, resource person, dignity of learner.