Person-Centered Counselors in Community Prevention and Research


Abassary, Christine and Oetzel, Keri Bolton


The core tenets of a person-centered counseling perspective are similar to the guiding principles of a complementary approach to research. The Community-Based Participatory Research model (CBPR) is outlined to provide counselors with an approach to research that will resonate with a person-centered theoretical framework. In order to improve health outcomes, Minkler and Wallerstein (2008) contended CBPR equitably draws upon the strengths of community members, organizational representatives, and researchers through a collaborative approach. Counselors, working from a community perspective identifying with a person- centered orientation, may find a new avenue to address prevention and research. Specifically, for counselors working in communities where prevention and research are aimed at reducing health disparities, counselors can work within a CBPR framework to form equitable and sustainable partnerships that complement the person- centered counseling perspective.