From Nondirective to Nonpredictive


Bower, Doug and Sommerbeck, Lisbeth


The concept o f being nondirective in person-centered therapy is presented and followed by a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages ofbeing nondirective. The purpose for doing so is to examine the principle of being nondirective in order to offer a proposal of the concept of being nonpredictive. The authors assert that the concept ofbeing nonpredictive may be even more fundamental to not being an expert on the client than the concept of being nondirective. Being nonpredictive allows for the different

perspectives of the two authors, particularly with respect to the question of offering, or not offering advice and suggestions to clients. The authors conclude with appreciating, that the idea of being nonpredictive is potentially more inclusive, or flexible than the idea of being nondirective.