The Effects of Person-Centered Groups on Teacher Stress


Tursi, Michael M.


Compared to other parts of the world, research on Person-Centered interventions in the United States has waned in the last 20 years (Kirschenbaum, 2007). Although there is vast evidence regarding the efficacy ofthe Person-Centered approach (Gurman, 1977), there have been few experiments in the last 20 years that test the Person- Centered approach as a complete intervention rather than independent core conditions such as empathy or unconditional positive regard. To address that need, a quasi-experimental study is shared to examine the effects of Person-Centered counseling groups on teachers' stress levels. Research on stress, teacher stress and Person-Centered counseling groups are presented and analysis of data suggests that Person-Centered counseling groups were effective in lowering teacher stress after only six weeks of treatment. Limitations are presented and arguments are made for Person- Centered group counseling to be utilized in schools to assist with teacher stress.