About this Site

The idea for this website was born from spontaneous interactions among creative ADPCA members. The main desire was to have an online resource that could express and promote the person-centered values behind the Association, reaching persons from all over the world.

A website committee was set up in a Business Meeting during the ADPCA 2009 Conference in Kutztown, USA. Its input added to the work already started by a group of members, including Renate Motschnig, a colleague originally from the Czech Republic and a professor at the Faculty of Computer Science in the University of Vienna, Austria, and her student Edgar Kadlec.

The committee, made of volunteers, played a key role in the project. The ideas developed aimed to create an informative and warm electronic face for our Association. We also had invaluable collaboration from members who volunteered to compose the content for the various sections of the site. You will feel their presence throughout the webpages. The membership also had - and still have - opportunities to share views and ideas during the progress of the work, through the ADPCA's email discussion group and at Business Meetings.

The above process with its inclusive and democratic principles presented challenges and took longer than we initially envisioned. Yet, the conjunction of these ‘flavors’, topped with much determination, resulted in the website that we present to you today. This is what genuine life is about, no? We are all human beings with our weaknesses and strengths, with our ups and downs. Since our website is a product of our interactions and openness to experience, it also reflects the aforementioned qualities. And, as such, it remains a dynamic work in progress - an authentic process.

We want to say a big thanks to our collaborators and to the colleagues who have helped to shape the online face of ADPCA. You may also become one of them. If you have ideas to share, please contact us.

We welcome you to our person-centered website and hope you enjoy it!

Tiane Corso Graziottin

On Behalf of the Website Committee

ADPCA Website Committee

From right to left:
Renate Motschnig, Edgar Kadlec and Tiane Corso Graziottin.