Volume 22 Number 1-2



Robbie Culp

Katie Hatch


Robbie Culp and Katie Hatch

A Person-Centered Approach to Master’s Counseling Programs Within Accrediting Standards
Hayley L. Stulmaker

Person-Centered and Related Expressive Arts in School-Based Groups with Adolescents
William T. Gann, Jr., Justin Welsch and Jeffrey Cornelius-White

Let me tell you what I think – A critical analysis of therapeutic self-disclosures
Marvin Frankel and Mary M. Johnson

Did Carl Rogers’ Positive View of Human Nature Bias His Psychotherapy?
Barbara T. Brodley and Wendy M. Bradburn

Multiple Relationships, Hierarchies and Power in Person-Centered Encounter Groups
Erik Mann and Heather Mann

Review of Interdisciplinary Handbook of the Person- Centered Approach: Research and Theory and Interdisciplinary Applications of the Person-Centered Approach Edited by Jeffrey H. D. Cornelius-White Renate Motschnig-Pitrik Michael Lux
Jerold D. Bozarth

Person-Centered and Experiential Therapies Work: A Review of the Research on Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Related Practices
Robert A. Culp

Review of Person-Centered communication: Theory skills and practice by Renata Motschnig and Ladislav Nykl
Kathryn A. Moon

Review of The Relationship Inventory: A Complete Resource and Guide
Jerold D. Bozarth

Review of Understanding Person-Centered Counselling: A Personal Journey
Ross Balcom

A Review of The Human Being Fully Alive: Writings in Celebration of Brian Thorne – Sometimes This Atheist Calls it Courage
Kathryn A. Moon

Review of A Person-Centered Approach and the Rogerian Tradition: A Handbook
Jerold D. Bozarth

Review of: Otis Doesn’t Scratch
Valerie Wiley