To my therapist

To My Therapist

You have been a patient bystander,
witness and lantern carrier
lighting the way.
I saw you first and last as father
a good rnan
raising me up with the warmth
of acceptance
and the sturdy intelligence of your words.

The message to look deeper
at who this self is
that I call me
arnplifying, clarifying,
finding the borders
and then filling in
the empty, often contradictory space
inviting me to give up
an archaic father image
and replace it with openness
to new information

Celebrating rny growth
into independence
by sharing your truth
and beauty of song and sound
of adventurous trips
stretching out your borders
knowing your own self better
teaching and touching

I honor your being,
and thank you for being there for me.

From Your Client
Miriam Bassuk