This edition offers a range of topics relevant to the Person-Centered Approach. They range
from comparative theoretical discussions to consideration of self inquiry to description of
relevance of the approach to our societal systems. In addition, one article from the last issue and
corrections on another of the articles are re-printed from the previous issue because of printing

It is unfortunate that several errors occurred in the last issue during the publishing stage.
They were especially distressing to the authors in that meaning could have been misunderstood
in some places and continuity broken in other places. Fred Zimring, Jeanne Stubbs, and I took
special pains to review the final copy given to the printer. Nevertheless, a computer glitch on a
new printing program resulted in missing pages and in the distorted printing of several pages.
Hence, the publisher re-printed one article (John K. Wood’s article) in this issue and printed
corrections of another article (Barth & Sanford’s article).

As a result of these problems, a policy change has been implemented. Authors will now be
sent the ready to press (similar to a galley) copy of their article for review. This should minimize
the probability of such errors occurring again.

Also, announcements will be limited to a short statement and address of contact in order to
save page space. Related to this is a question considered at ADPCA concerning solicitation of
advertising. It was decided to not solicit advertising at this time. Details of this possibility are
reported in the Renaissance.

We are still trying to offer a transcript ofa therapy interview in each issue. If you have a written
typescript you would like to submit, please submit it along with your comments on the session.
Other individuals may also be asked to comment upon it. In spite of the problems with the
previous issue, I believe we are progressing with our journal.–JDB