Volume 19 Number 1-2



Stephen Demanchick

Rachel Jordan


Full Edition

Rachel Jordan and Stephen Demanchick

Unconditional Positive Regard and Limits: A Case Study in Child-Centered Play Therapy and Therapist Development
Jeff L. Cochran, Nancy H. Cochran and Lindy C. Sherer

Implications on Inclusion of Individuals of Minority Status In Person-Centered Encounter Groups
Kathryne S. Poole, Robert A. Culp, Gurpreet Paul and Tim Dean

Learning by Being: A student-centered approach to teaching depth psychology
Maria Hess

The Effects of Person-Centered Groups on Teacher Stress
Michael M. Tursi

Person-Centered Counselors in Community Prevention and Research
Christine Abassary and Keri Bolton Oetzel

Signe M. Kastberg

A Person-Centered Life–and Death
Grace Harlow Klein

Memorial and In Memory: Armin Klein
Grace Harlow Klein [and Armin Klein]

Review of Psychotherapy and the Fully Functioning Person By Julius Seeman
Kathryn A. Moon