2021 ADPCA Online Conference

2021 ADPCA Online Conference 7011 July

This year’s annual conference will be online, running from Wednesday, July 7 to Sunday, July 11, 2021.

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.We are absolutely thrilled to offer the event online as it opens the possibility of it being a spectacular international conference. We hope to offer a broad range of workshops and community meetings, covering as many time zones as we can.

The conference will comprise:

  •  Workshops and Seminars–We are looking for volunteers to present workshops and seminars on anything related to the Person-Centred way of being and its application in all aspects of human endeavour. No experience is necessary. We will publish a list of workshops as they become available.
  • Community Meetings–Also known as Encounter Workshops or Encounter Groups, these groups provide an opportunity to connect deeply with one another, developing relationships that often transcend those experienced in day-to-day living. Community meetings have no designated facilitation or pre-defined agenda.
  • The ADPCA Business Meeting–The Annual Conference includes the ADPCA Business Meeting. We intend to make these open to all members, even if they are not taking part in any other aspect of the event. The membership secretary will email all members nearer the time, giving details of how to join the business meetings.

The whole 5-day event costs just $100. The price includes all the Workshops and Community Meetings over the full five days. If you have limited time, you can book individual days from $25 per day. You can also book to attend just the Community Meetings ($50 for all five days), if you are not interested in the workshops. Everyone who books for any part of the conference will also be able to take part in the business meetings.

Scholarships (bursaries) are available to anyone needing them. You can request an automatic 25% reduction when you book. If you need a greater reduction, please email conference@adpca.org. We will do our best to meet your needs.

We need your help to make this event a success. We need people to facilitate and help with workshops, translators, and, of course, participants.

This is our event. Let’s all work together, spread the word, and make it something special.

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2021 Conference
Online 7-11 July

ADPCA Online Conference 2021

Call for Presenters
Would you like to present a workshop during the online conference,
7-11 July 2021?