Welcome to the ADPCA

Who We Are

The Association for the Development of the Person-Centered Approach (ADPCA) is an international organization whose members share a vital interest in the work and writings of Carl Rogers, the founder of the person-centered approach to helping relationships, and the practices and ideas stemming from those writings. The ADPCA includes therapists, educators, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, business managers, and other persons from a variety of walks of life. We have come together out of a common desire to cultivate and nurture the person-centered approach. The Association publishes a journal that is available full text to the public.

Our Way of Being

The ADPCA has an annual conference, a distinctive feature of which is large community group meetings. Traditionally, the event also includes presentation workshops, small group meetings, and social events. All of these activities provide opportunities for persons attending to obtain a richer understanding of the person-centered approach by experiencing it. One benefit of membership in the association is the opportunity to participate in a community of individuals who share person-centered values and principles. In an endeavor to practice the person-centered approach within the Association, members also share the responsibilities and privileges of leadership. Read more

the Person-Centered Journal

We invite you to submit papers for publication in the next edition of the Person-Centered Journal. Papers have to be submitted by 15 Sept. 2021